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Silvio Smalun, German National Champion!
Silvio's Biography


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Biography and Infos.


Copyrighted © Photo by J.Barry Mittan.

Date of birth : November 2, 1979 in Erfurt, Germany (GDR).
Residence : Oberstdorf, Germany.
Height : 171cm.
Hobbies : Snowboarding, inline skating, And other sports.

Club : Eissportub Oberstdorf.
Started Skating : 1984.
Coach : Michael Huth.
Former Coach : Ilona Schindler.
Choreographer : Rostislav Sinitsin.

Music 1999/2000 Season :
Short Program - Best of Kodo by Leonard Eto - Orchestra - Formation of Kodo.
Long Program - Piano Concerto No.3 and No.5 by Sergei Rachmaninov - Czecho-Slovak Radio Symphony Orchestra.

Silvio moved from Erfurt to Oberstdorf a couple of years ago.

2001 Art of Figure Skating Calender.